“Ananie, we only have fabulous things to say about her.  Ananie, is a very professional individual, SUPER organized, charming, noticeably experienced, energetic, handles perfectly well under pressure, creative, always positive, always calm and in control. At the time of my wedding I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Ananie was in New York. I was really anxious about how that would work out, but that was no barrier for her and she went ABOVE and BEYOND to get the job done. She made several trips down to Ft. Lauderdale and accomplished a lot. I was extremely impressed with Ananie because I started an intensive Masters program and I was not always available or my attention and focus was elsewhere, she took the initiative and got things done. I never had a vision of what my wedding day would look or feel like however Ananie actively listened to my thoughts, ideas and saw some pictures that I liked and completely captured our taste. She went out and got many options for us to review. She made the process extremely pleasant and enjoyable. Any questions we had she always had a solution or assured me she was taking care of it. She had many connections, which cut the cost.  

Thank you very much for your dedication, for being always on top of every little detail (such as: make-up, venue, food, music, video, photography, even our last minute requests, etc.), for running up and down with us for party preparations, for being vigilant 24/7, and for going the extra mile on making sure the event was very special to us. Our wedding turned out beautiful, all our guests were impressed and delighted with the ceremony, setting, reception, attentions, decoration, entertainment, organization, and timing. Ananie received many compliments from the guest as well as the other vendors were delighted to work with her. Our wedding was truly a beautiful day thanks to Ananie and her staff; it was a day with ZERO-WORRIES for us, we enjoyed each and every minute we spent with her and more on the wedding day just as you promised. Thanks a million!! I would whole heartedly recommend her service, you will be ultimately pleased!!”

Samantha and Spencer

Ananie was our wedding event planner and everything went perfectly! She was able to take our ideas and create the event we had in mind but had difficulty articulating. We had a few specific requests and left other details to her creativity, given the overall event we wanted to create and she nailed it!

James J.

Ananie has an amazing attention to detail and the ability to create a setting/ambiance that is memorable not only for the hostess but all the guest. I would definitely recommend Ananie and C'est Mon Plaisir Events for any event planning needs~

Nicole G.

Ananie Momplaisir (C'est Mon Plaisir Events) planned my wedding in March 2014. She listened attentively to find out the vision my husband and I had for our big day and then put everything in place to make it happen. She helped us book our venue, our caterer, photographer, DJ, and florist - all of the major aspects of our wedding. We would not have been able to have our big day go as smoothly as it did without her. If you are planning a big event, I highly recommend you contact C'est Mon Plaisir to make your vision become a reality!

Evelyn M.

Ananie possesses a unique ability to extract one'so ideas and thoughts about an event and have them materialize with play, fun, and ease. She manages to lighten a host's anxieties with a creative team which caters to the vision of the client; she delivers complete work on time every time. What impressed me most is the attention to detail in her creations, in her design, in her presentation of the event, and in her ultimate execution. Her professionalism is exemplary and she is truly worth her weight in gold.

Winfred T.