Gentlemen!  You see this space, right here? Yeah it’s for you. Welcome to The Groom's Room!

Grooms Room

That’s right. CMP Events has created a “room” dedicated to you and your needs, whether you are the Groom, the Best Man or the Father of the Bride. You will find tips and tools to stay ahead of the game. Believe us, everyone, especially you, will be impressed. 

Hey Grooms - Do you need advice on how to select your groomsmen? Or maybe it’s selecting the right suit?  Look no further because we can definitely help. After all this is your day too!

If you’re the Father of the Bride, we’ve got you covered on how give away your little girl away. But be warned. Things could get…um…emotional. But no worries, we've got your back. 

And for Best Man & Groomsmen, don’t worry, we see you too. Want to give your boy a proper bachelor send off (without getting into hot water with the Bride)? We have tips for that too.

So why would we create a blog called The Grooms Room?

Well, after growing up in a family surrounded by amazing men and years of wedding and event planning, CMP Events has become quite the pro what guys need to make their wedding day special. And it seem like you needed some proper real estate for that on the internet.  And, of course, we can’t wait to share all that we know.

But guess what? We aren’t going to give it all away today. Sign up today and stay tuned… 

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