Pieces of Me


Hello World!

Greetings. I am a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, godmother and friend. I love life and all it has to offer. I thoroughly enjoy traveling, which is why my motto is, “Have passport. Will travel!” Who am I? My name is Ananie.

Many years ago, a friend suggested I start a travel blog. I adamantly rejected his suggestion. No, no, no. Uh uh. I had many reasons. (Really, they were excuses powered by fear, but don’t tell him I admitted that.) Who wanted to hear or read about my trips? Who cared about the pictures I’d taken of Cristo Redentor in Rio, Brazil, the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, Ski slopes in Lebanon or the Persian Gulfin Kuwait?  No one. Well, no one except my family and friends… and I could tell them on the phone. They could see pics on Kodak share files (now Shutterfly). Facebook? I’ll fill you in on another secret. I joined Facebook last year and for business purposes only, of course. Because: Who (besides those I’m in direct contact with) cares about what’s going on in my life? So, a blog? About me? About me traveling? No.

As I prepare for my 40th birthday trip to Monaco, a trip I spoke into existence 10 years ago, I’ve done some reflecting. Already, I’ve lived a full life; residing in two countries, *cough* traveling, working in corporate America, and becoming an entrepreneur. I’m living life to the fullest. I’m living my dream. And planning this Monaco trip reminded me of that. It has inspired me to open up a little. As we go about our lives, we must always remember that someone is always watching, and we never know who we’re inspiring. Even though I don’t like talking or writing about myself, I’ve decided to start sharing a little. Milestone birthdays often evoke change in people. This is my change. It’s not a travel blog, but it’s a start!

I was born on March 16, in Haiti. My first trip took place when I was 6 months old. Whether from my own memory or from hearing the story told a million times, I remember my uncle traveling from Port De Paix, Haiti to my parents’ home in Port au Prince because my grandmother wanted him to "bring her baby home." I remember my parents and uncle sitting at a table, joking and laughing. I remember my mother packing my bags, and I remember the feeling of being in the car driving to my grandmother’s house. This scene of traveling between my grandmother’s to parents’ would continue for a few more years until I made the trip which changed the course of my life: migrating from Haiti to the United States at the age of 8.

I have to finish packing now. Stay tuned, I’ll be back to share the details of my trip to Monaco. I’ll also share why C’est Mon Plaisir Events was created.

Monaco here I come!

Happy Birthday to me!